Increase the efficiency of your fleet

With VDO Fleet

Increase the efficiency of your fleet

The 5 Top Reasons for Choosing VDO Fleet - the Number 1 Tachograph software across Europe*:

Minimize operating costs by saving your working time

You increase the operational efficiency of your fleet through automated downloads and processes

Reminders of upcoming download dates to avoid possible discrepancies in working time archives

With automated analytics, you can easily meet all requirements and avoid risks

You manage your data safely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, anytime
Download 1920X1080
Driver List 1920X1080
Drivers Legal 1 1920X1080

Managing your fleet data

You have access to all your fleet data. No matter how big your fleet is, we offer you the perfect solution to save and archive your vehicle and driver data.

Identification of infringements

You can visualise each driver’s infringements to help prevent them.

Processes and flows

Your fleet processes will be as efficient as possible. With simplified and improved workflows for everyone involved, you will save time and money

Fleets of all types and sizes trust us


  • intuitive software developed by the tachograph manufacturer


  • satisfied customers


  • vehicles in VDO Fleet


  • drivers, whose business is now managed through VDO Fleet

An offer tailored to your fleet’s needs

Compatible with Annex 1C (EU 165/2014)


For fast and secure data management
  • Transfer and Archiving of Downloaded Data
  • Analysis and Display of Downloaded Data
  • Retention of Legal Data 5 years
  • Processing and Display of Drivers and Vehicles Activity Times
  • Automatic Recall of Downloads, Expressions and Periodic Inspections
  • Identification of Violations

*VDO Fleet is the most used Tachograph software across Europe, excluding telematics with Tachograph modules.


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